Presentation Skills Training

Glorious Mindmine Effective Presentation Skills Training will enable you to make an impactful positive impression the first time and every time. Presenting your views in an interactive and connective way will help you to put your message across and inspire people.

Powerful presentations starts with grabbing attention and then connecting with audience with thought provoking and result oriented concepts. Effective Presentation skills are critical for any business, frequently business representatives, managers, leaders, executives are asked to deliver presentations. It is very important to have effective presentation skills which can be developed through practice.

Glorious Mindmine Presentation Skills training will equip you with all the necessary skills required to deliver an impactful presentation.

Learning Outcome

• Effective appearance and right posture
• Positive mindset
• Enthusiasm and Energy
• Use of Eye contact, Hands and Gestures
• Powerful pitch and correct voice modulation
• Emphasis on words and stress pattern
• Understand and connect with audience
• Impressive opening to gather audience attention
• Strategies for persuasive presentations
• Correct usage of visual aids and handouts
• Handling questions with the right approach
• Powerful closing with an impact

Course Details

  • Remove 4F's of Fear

  • Positive Body Language

  • Confidence Building

  • Voice & Accent

  • Content Preparation

  • Connecting with audience

  • Story telling

  • Humor with intelligence

  • Handling Questions

  • Powerful Closing

Success Stories

"I am so thrilled to get trained by Glorious Mindmine – High Performance Training Experts. There trainers are dynamic, professional, passionate and friendly. They helped me in improving communication and soft skills. Most important of all I have overcome my stage fear. Thanks to Glorious Mindmine. "

      Priyanka Shastry - Tech Mahindra


"I had good communication skills but lack that confidence to speak fluently. Your way of training is different and interactive I'm finally much confident about my communication and I couldn't have done it without you."                     Shailaja - HSBC


"Glorious Mindmine training is highly energetic and interactive. All the trainers involved with you so much that they extract your hidden talents from you. They motivate and inspire you to do better every time. Glorious Mindmine training is excellent."                                Anirudh - IBM


"Glorious Mindmine – High Performance Training Experts have totally exceeded our expectations. Their training approach is dynamic and practical. You’d feel the change within hours. "                                                                   Arthur Claudius - Gordon Woodroffe


"If you want to get trained by the best in the world then Glorious Mindmine - High Performance Training Experts is the right place. They coach and trained people with passion, commitment, dedication and energy. There only focus is to deliver result oriented training. "                                                                   Raj Thomas - Honeywell


"Glorious Mindmine – High Performance Training Experts without any doubt the absolute best. When it comes to delivering transformation and result oriented training they are awesome"                                                                      Cynthia Rogers - SRM 360 Consulting


"If Results mean anything to you then you should go to Glorious Mindmine. Get Trained and become Highly Productive"                                                                      Monica Mallampalli - HDFC


"I came to Glorious Mindmine to overcome my stage fear however they have exceeded my expectations. They have helped me in improving my communication skills plus they have changed my personality. Now I am a very confident and positive person. Thank you Glorious Mindmine"                                                                      Rajeev Verma - ICICI


"It is so much fun to get trained by Glorious Mindmine becuase there workshops are fun filled with huge amount of learning. I'll highly recommend Glorious Mindmine to corporate professionals. Learn More, Develop More and Grow More."                                                                      Syed Sarfaraz - UHG


"Glorious Mindmine - High Performance Training Experts is a real deal, I am completely 100% satisifed with there training. I have seen a big change in my thinking and actions. Before joining Glorious Mindmine negative thoughts were everywhere in my mind but now I am a positve and confident person. I believe in my self because I am winner because I have got faith, courage and enthusiasm. Thank You! Glorious Mindmine."                                                                      Rasheeda Shaikh - GENPACT




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